Meeting FAQs


1.    Do I need to be a member of IAAD to submit an abstract? No. However, you are encouraged to become a member of the IAAD. You will also receive a reduced registration rate as a member of IAAD. Your membership must be paid for 2015 in order to be eligible for the reduced member pricing. For a complete list of meeting registration fees see here.

2.    How do I know if my abstract was successfully received? You will also receive a confirmation email from the system following successful submission of your abstract. This email does not mean that your abstract was accepted for the meeting. After review of your abstract by the IAAD poster session committee you will receive an email on May 8th, 2015 if your abstract was accepted.

3.    Is there a word limit imposed on abstract titles? Yes, all abstract titles must be 10 words or less.

4.    Is there a word limit imposed on abstract text? Yes, all abstract text must be composed of 300 words or less.

5.    What is the abstract deadline? May 31st, 2015 (23:59 PST).

6.    Can I make changes to my abstract text after the deadline? No. Modifications are not permitted to the abstract text after the deadline under any circumstances. It is very important that you submit an error free abstract text.

7.    If I forget to add an author, can I do so after the abstract deadline? Yes, you can still add an author if necessary by emailing the IAAD Poster session chair ( However, please make every attempt to add all authors during the abstract submission process.

8.    Can I submit more than one abstract as an abstract presenter? No. IAAD permits authors to submit one abstract only as a presenting author. You may be listed as a co-author on more than one abstract. If you submit more than one abstract as a presenter, you will be asked to delete one of the submissions. If your response is not received, one of the submissions will be automatically deleted and will not be reviewed.

9.    Should I put the abstract title, authors and affiliations in the text of my abstract? No. These items will be collected separately during the abstract submission process. References are not collected.

10.  Is there a limit on the number of co-authors that I can add to my abstract? No.

11.  Can I submit previously published or presented work? No, all abstracts must be original research. Abstracts cannot be submitted if the research represented by the abstract will be published and/or presented at any other national or international meeting prior to September 12th, 2015.

12.  Will IAAD edit my abstract? No. Once you submit your abstract, it will not be edited in any way for content. Typographical or grammatical errors that appear in your abstract submission will also appear in the final program book. Abstracts may be formatted only to follow IAAD publication guidelines or requirements.

13.  Do I have to pre-register in order to present my poster? Yes. After receiving the acceptance email on May 8tht, 2015 you will have until June 12th, 2015 to pre-register for the meeting. If you have not pre-registered by that date your abstract will be automatically withdrawn and you will not be allowed to present your abstract.

14.  If I am unable to present, can someone else present instead? Yes, however the substituting presenter must be one of the co-authors on the abstract. He or she must register for the meeting and cannot be already a presenter for another abstract at the meeting.